Positive Displacement Meter for Grain Driers Solution

May 15, 2017

Bell Flow Systems have recently been approached for a grain driers application in Saudi Arabia. The customer needed a robust meter, with a local display to show total usage only, which would withstand the ambient temperature and require minimal maintenance. The meters were required to measure the diesel used to fuel the grain driers.

The Badger Meter RCDL Recordall flow meter was selected, in bronze with a mechanical accumulating totaliser. The positive displacement meter was ideal as it has very low pressure loss and a wide flow range, meaning there was no risk of the meter starving the drier, and the wide flow range meant that if the drier was only on at half power, the meter would still measure the flow accurately. 

The mechanical display has an accumulated non-resettable total, and can handle the ambient temperature. In a location where the weather can hit an average temperature of 43⁰C in the summer months, this was an important factor to consider.

The series is best suited for metering fluids up to a viscosity of 700 mPas and at an operating temperature up to 50°C or up to 120°C, material & display dependant. The meter offers an accuracy of ±0.5%, and is available in sizes from ¾” to 2”, in plastic, Bronze, stainless steel and PVDF, and is available with digital or mechanical displays, with or without pulse output, or blind outputs only.