Radar Level Measurement

 Non-Contact Radar Level Measurement Sensors for liquids and solids

Measurement Principle: The Level Sensor head emits a microwave signal towards the surface of the medium being measured. The sensor head then calculates the returnining signal using filtering algorithms to generate a measurement which is proportionate to the level measurement in the tank or silo. This process happens continuously to provide extremely accurate level measurements.

Radar-based level measurement equipment has emerged as the industry’s chosen form of a level measurement instrument for accurate and consistent level measurements. Its five most advantageous characteristics are unparalleled precision, non-contact operation, material adaptability, remarkable range capabilities, and solid performance, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. 

Δ Continuous Non-contact Level Measurement
Δ Highly Accurate radar level measurement technique
Δ Various Material and Connection choices to suit your application
Δ Restant to envronmental factors including: Steam, Foam, Dust and vapour
ΔComplex signal processing technology optimses measurement results
Δ ATEX Hazardous Area Approval optional
Δ Various communications options
Δ Programming via Bluetooth® or PC Software

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