Product Training at Gespasa in Spain

Jun 23, 2017

Last month two of Bell Flow’s employees went to visit our supplier Gespasa in Spain for some product training.

                                                      Gespasa Headquarters

Gespasa’s factory is located in Balaguer (Lleida) in Spain, about an hour and a half from Barcelona. They manufacture fuel pumps and flow meters for diesel, petrol, oil, and adblue.

Here they toured the factory, workshops, and offices, learned about the new products available, and were trained on how to use the Diesel Plus software and the GK Suite. Both of which being software to manage the fuel and fleet supply of vehicles, and can also be applied to other types of applications such as water, chemical or most other fluid supplies.

The control tools, like the supply lists by users and vehicles, enable instantaneous readings of the exact expenses of each unit, and determine whether there is any irregular consumption or not. The software gives different tools to manage the product stock, the suppliers, the vehicles and its maintenance, the users, among others.
                                   Bell Flow Sales Team with Gespasa
During the visit they stayed in a hotel that was a converted convent, dating back to the 17th century, and sampled the local favourite dish of snails!