Qalcosonic Flow 4 Ultrasonic Water Meter DN50 PN16 Flanged : Q3 25 MID Approved

SKU: QALF4-C-50-25-P
Qalcosonic Flow 4 Ultrasonic Water Meter: 
MID MI-001 Approved DN50, Q3 25m3/hr
DN50 PN16 Flanged Connections
R250 Dynamic range (R400 optional)
Digital display, 10+ yr Battery Powered
Pulse output as standard (10L/pulse)
WRAS approval pending
Optional IP68 Meter
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Qalcosonic Flow 4, DN50, Q3 25 m3/hr
The Ultrasonic water meter QALCOSONIC FLOW 4 is designed for the measurement of cold and hot water consumption
in households and blocks of flats, as well as for industrial applications.
Qalcosonic Flow 4 Ultrasonic Cold Water Meter: DN50
MID MI-001 Approved, Q3 25m3/hr 
WRAS approval pending
DN50 PN16 Flanged Connections
Complies with European Standard EN 14154 and requirements of OIML
10+ yr Battery Powered Display (Optional 230VAC or 12/24/48VDC Module)
IP65 Protection class, Optional IP68
Pulse output (10L/pulse)
Optional Communication protocols including MBus, Modbus and Wireless MBus
Vertical and Horizontal installation
Internal data logger
270mm Body length
The Qalcosonic Flow 4 Combi Display can be compact mounted or optionally remote mounted on a nearby wall or DIN rail inside a cabinet. Cable between parts is 1.2 Metres as standard (Longer on request)

**Options for longer flow sensor cables. Please contact for details and prices 
**Optional hot water model available


    • Temperature class T30 or optionally T90
    • Dynamic range (Q3/Q1) = R 250 (Optionally R400)
    • No straight sections required up to and including DN50
    • No measurement of air
    • Protection class: IP65 calculator / IP67 flow sensor
    • Nominal pressure PN16 (PN25 bar on request)
    • Optional Temperature measurement Pt500, 0° C … 180° C (On request)
    • Metering archive
    • Battery lifetime > 12 years
    • Power supply options: Battery / External (Optional)
    • Mounting in any installation position
    • “Walk By”, “Drive By”meter reading option
    • Optional Communication modules: WMBUS modes, M-Bus/CL, LON, MiniBus, MODBUS RS485
    Data Registration:
    Hourly, daily and monthly parameter values
    • Integral volume of liquid
    • Maximum flow rate value and date
    • Operating time without an error
    • Total error code
    • Time when the flow rate exceeded 1.2 Q4
    • Time when the flow rate was less than Q1