SUPERtrol II (ST2) Flow Computers for Energy Metering of Steam

Sep 20, 2019

It is important for utilities, universities and large industrial facilities with multiple buildings and large campuses to accurately monitor energy consumption. Submetering of commercial buildings also requires accurate metering of energy consumption. Repeatable, reliable flow measurement is a critical element in the implementation of these processes.


The SUPERtrol II (ST2) Flow Computer Family can be used in such applications for computation of heat flow, mass flow, energy rate & total, mass rate & total and corrected volume flow. The ST2 family of flow compters are compatible with all popular flowmeter types. The ST2 also offers advanced features such as data logging, communication, remote metering, alarming and control functions.


The following Application Note describes successful solutions utilizing the SUPERtrol II Family of Flow Computers.



A typical steam monitoring system consists of a flow meter, a static pressure sensor and an electronic flow computer. All available from us directly at Bell Flow Systems.

Here the SUPERtrol II steam flow computer performs the necessary calculations needed to compute the steam energy and mass flow from the electrical signals it receives. Measured or computed parameters include uncompensated volume rate/total, mass rate/total, temperature, pressure, density, enthalpy, demand last hour and peak demand rate.

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