TRUCK KIT GK-7Plus · AG-90 12 or 24 VDC

Feb 18, 2019

New "Truck Kit" Fuel supply equipment assembled in a fixed chassis for Diesel, *Kerosene or *Petrol fuel supply with filtering and measurement. It is suitable to supply fuel from a van or a truck.

It is equipped with the GK-7Plus control fuel management console. Instantaneous wireless Cloud communication. Data viewing and management through the Internet or APP in your smartphone.


- *EExd petrol self-priming pump (several models available)
- Diesel self-priming pump 230 VAC (several models available)
- GENIUS tank level indicator system

Standard kit composed of:

♦ Hose-reel with 10 m 1" delivery hose

♦ PA-80 · Automatic trigger nozzle

♦ Nozzle hanger with micro-switch

♦ AG-90 12 or 24 VDC self-proming pump · 55 l/min* (with Ø1 1/2" suction hose)

♦ Connection box for a battery connection cable

♦ MGI-110 Flow Meter · Inc Pulser · Accuracy ±0.5 %

♦ FG-100 · Transparent microfilter · 5 µm (micron)

♦ GK-7Plus Management console + antenna


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