Versatile D-Series Flow Displays

Apr 9, 2024

D-Series panel mount indicators

The D-Series DIN standard panel mount indicator range are the ideal weatherproof replacement for existing panel meters that do not feature such characteristics.  Industrial applications for such displays can be found across many industries where adverse weather conditions or wet environments are found   e.g.  food industries where equipment is frequently washed down.

D-Series are ideal for use in flow measurement applications where flow rate indication and totaliser functions are required without signal re-transmission. (other models are available where this is a requirement)

Product Description

The D012 model D-Series DIN panel mount indicator displays the instantaneous flow rate, total and accumulated total in user-selectable engineering units.

  • Resettable total, reset by pressing the CLEAR button twice.
  • Non-resettable eleven digit accumulated total.

Aluminium front enclosure IP66, IP67 (NEMA4X) offers die cast aluminium protection from the front, effectively sealed to withstand deluge and strong jets of water.

Simple operator use and programming features the Fluidwell "Know one, know them all" concept of configuration, with range wide standard menu structure, saving time, cost and effort.



Displays flow rate, total and accumulated total.
Large 17mm (0.67") digits for flow rate or total.
♦ Selectable on-screen engineering units; volumetric or mass.
 Ability to process all types of flowmeter signals.
 Auto backup of settings and running totals.
 Ambient temperature: -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to 176°F).
 LED backlight option.
♦ Easy configuration with clear alphanumerical display.
♦ Aluminium DIN front panel of 144 x 72mm (5.67” x 2.83”) according DIN 43700 / IEC 61554.

Product specifications

 Pulse input model which accepts; Reed switch, NAMUR, NPN, PNP, Sine wave (coil), active pulse signal.
 Dimensions: 144 x 72 x 71.4mm
 Panel Cut-out: 138 x 68mm 
 Battery powered model - approx 5 year battery life depending on settings.
 Can also be optionally powered by 8-30V DC, 115-230V AC

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