Apollo Smart Energy Monitor:: Remote Heating Oil Tank Level Monitor, Battery Powered

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Apollo Smart Energy Monitor
Electronic Oil Tank Contents Gauge
Battery Transmitter, Plug-in Display

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Apollo Smart Energy Monitor

Electronic Oil Tank Contents Gauge
Battery Transmitter, Plug-in Display
Apollo Smart is the worlds first home energy monitor, designed specifically for domestic oil heating installations.
Utilising, tried, tested and proven technologies, Apollo Smart not only allows heating oil users to ascertain the volume of fuel remaining in their tank, but to monitor heating costs, consumption and emissions too.
The Apollo Smart consists of a transmitter and receiver unit.
The transmitter monitors the level of heating oil remaining inside a home heating oil tank, together with fuel usage and consumption.
The transmitter is powered by a long life lithium battery, which in standard operating conditions has a life expectancy of 5-7 years.
The transmitter relays data wirelessly to a mains powered receiver unit, where it is displayed via a premium quality, easy to read, LCD display.
Unlike some superficially comparable devices, Apollo Smarts advanced processing capability doesnt just calculate the level of fuel inside a tank, but instead analyses the volume of fuel remaining.
This succinct, yet significant difference allows the system to be configured for different shapes and models of tanks, permitting heating oil stocks and usage to be monitored up to 10 times more accurately than many standard electronic oil level monitors.
Apollo Smart displays the following consumption, emissions and cost data on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis:
  • Heating Costs in £ or €
  • CO2 Emissions in kg CO2
  • Fuel consumption in litres


Additionally, Apollo Smart displays the following information in real time and on demand:

  • Volume of fuel remaining in litres
  • Volume of fuel remaining displayed via bar chart function
  • Number of days supply remaining
  • Internal Air Temperature in degrees Celsius
  • Cold Weather Warning
  • Low Level Warning Alert
  • Transmitter Battery Status Alert

To reduce the risk of overfills during delivery, the Apollo Smart Transmitter benefits from the provision an inbuilt LCD display. This allows fuel delivery personnel to monitor the level of fuel inside the tank before, during and after refuelling.

Video :: Apollo Smart Oil Monitor - Setup Instructions


    Every Apollo Smart benefits from USB upload technology, which allows energy consumption data to be transferred from the receiver unit to almost any PC or Mac via the optional Apollo Smart App. The Apollo Smart App which is available for download at additional cost, affords heating oil users with the opportunity analyse historical consumption data, assisting them in better understanding, control and manage heating oil usage and consumption.

    • Displays historical cost, consumption and energy usage data allows heating oil users to better control energy usage and cost.
    • Up to 10 times more accurate than comparable measurement systems
    • Unique days to empty function reduces the risk of running out of fuel
    • Receiver unit can be positioned up to 150 metres from the transmitter unit
    • Can be configured for almost any overground tank of shape or model of tank up to 3m tall, irrespective of manufacturer or material of construction. For underground tanks or irregular shaped tanks, please refer to the tank manufacturer for a suitable Apollo model.
    • Can be fitted and installed in minutes with no wiring and no specialist skills or tools required
    • Suitable for use at both new and existing oil heating installations
    • Optional Apollo Smart App and integral USB connectivity facilitates greater analysis via almost any PC or Mac
    • Reduced energy consumption compared with previous generation electronic oil level monitors