Case Study: Bespoke Panel Building

We recently collaborated with a leading pneumatic and fluid handling company to undertake a project for a global leader in packaging, who manufacturer and supply a broad range of packaging products to various industries.

Inefficiencies within the packaging company’s current printing system meant that it could not detect when the solvent based ink had run out, every time this would happen the ink containers had to be switched over manually and consequently the speed and reliability of the whole process was reduced.

We were set a challenge of creating a bespoke system that would detect and switch over the flow of the solvent based ink from one industrial bulk container to another, whilst keeping in mind the flammability of the ink. A system that could allow the whole process to be automated, reduce the risk of dangerous spills and ultimately speed up the process.

This required a number of different components to be selected in order to create a bespoke panel capable of solving the company’s current printing transfer complications. We developed a control panel that featured three panel mount XDF Cortex controllers specified for this delivery, a series of galvanic isolators to ensure a safe switch over and signal detection, LED lamps for visual monitoring and various pilot solenoid valves to control pneumatic pumps and actuators. A number of high accuracy Macnaught S025 oval gear meters and ATEX pressure switches were also features of this bespoke package.

Case Study Bespoke Panel Building

One of the key products to this system was the Cortex XDF display; with its DIN panel mount design it features a four-line backlit colour display that is capable of mass calculations, batch control and more importantly for this application intelligent digital filtering (IDF) to respond rapidly to dynamically changing flow rates. This allowed the Macnaught positive displacement flow meters to have consistency and accuracy when coupled with double diaphragm pneumatic pumps.

Cortex XDF Digital Display

Once the panel had been built and tested in house, the next stage was for the installation and commissioning to take place. This then lead to further refinement of the programming and configuration to enable the products to work together as a complete system and ultimately a solution for the client.

We pride ourselves on product knowledge, adding value to our diverse range of products by using this knowledge is at the core of the our values.