ENCO Terminal Portable radio data logger

SKU: SG12805
 ENCO TERMINAL :: Wireless mBus Reader and Logger
Walk-by / Drive-by Data Concentrator 868MHz radio
Battery Powered, 8 Hours Li-ion rechargeable 
Internal expandable memory: Micro SD Card
Graphic Display: 128 x 128 with back-light
Mini-USB PC Connection 
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Use Enco Terminal as a low cost stand-alone device to display and store readings from wireless wMbus equipped water meters, heat meters, electricity and gas meters from the AXIS/AXIOMA range of products or other compatible products. Connect to Enco reader software to download, analyse, visualise and e-mail recorded data.
Technical data :


Ambient temperature: -5…+55˚C
Relative humidity:  93%
Protection class:  IP65
Dimensions:  161 x 82 x 39mm.
Power supply: Internal battery
Li-Ion rechargeable battery 3.6V 2200mAh, battery life time 8 h.
Charging:  Mini USB, 230V charge adapter. Battery state indicator.
Graphic display:  LCD 128x128 with backlight
Data memory: Internal Memory - Expandable with Micro SD Card
Radio parameters
Signal connection type: Bi-directional

Transmitter parameters:
Power:  500 mW
Frequency: 869,525 MHz
Frequency bandwidth: 250 KHz
Speed: 100 kbps
Duty cycle: <10 %

Receiver parameters:
Frequency: 868,024 MHz, 868,150 MHz, 868,450 MHz, 868,560 MHz, 868,300 MHz
Data Speed: 2400 bps, 4800 bps, 14400 bps, 57600 bps, 32768 bps
Antenna connector: SMA/Internal antenna.

Protocol: Axis 868, WMbus S1, WMbus T1
Data communication with other devices: Cable miniUSB, Bluetooth