SKU: X835mV-P
Single/Three Phase Networks
Import/Export kWh & kVArh
0.33Vac CT Operated
Dual Pulsed Output
RS485Modbus RTU Output
96mm² (92mm² Cutout)
Digital Display
Panel Mount
Multifunction (16 Parameters)
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  • SKU
  • 96x96mm Panel Mounted 
  • Single Phase (1P2W) 
  • Three Phase (3P3W) 
  • Three Phase (3P4W) 
  • Multifunction 
  • 333mV CT Operated 
  • 230/400V AC 
  • 2 Digital Inputs 
  • RS485 Modbus RTU 
  • 96mm² Panel Mounted (92mm² Cut Out) 
  • Digital Backlit Display 
  • Dual Pulsed Outputs

The X835mV Panel Mounted Digital Power Flow Meter has an easy to configure password-protected set up menu and is ready to work in Single or Three Phase networks. The meter itself works with a 330mV current transformer, which allows for easy installation and even retro-fitting. It also comes with two digital inputs which can be used as totalising pulse count inputs or as digital status.

This meter conforms to the following standards, and has been tested in a UK laboratory.
EN61000-6-3:2007, EN61000-6-1:2007 and EN61010-1:2010 (EMC and LVD).


    Perameters Measured:
    Power Factor
    Max Demand Power & Total Harmonic Distortion
    Phase to Neutral Voltage
    Phase to Phase Voltage
    Voltage THD
    Max Demand Current
    Current THD
    Power Factor
    Max Demand Power
    Active Power
    Reactive Power
    Apparent Power
    Total Active Energy
    Import & Export Active Energy
    Total Reactive EnergyI
    Import & Export Reactive Energy.