Aquaread AP-LITE Single Parameter Water Quality Probe

Aquaread AP-LITE Single Parameter water quality probe
Suitable for continuous measurement with
Aqualogger 2000 / 7000 or blackbox 
Accepts a single Aquaread optical sensor
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AP-LITE Single Parameter water quality probe
Suitable for continuous measurement with GPS Aquameter, Aqualogger 2000 / 7000 or Blackbox 
Accepts a single Aquaread optical sensor
The AP-LITE is a pocket sized, single parameter sensor for those who do not require the measurement of multiple parameters. The sensor can also be combined with Aquareads' GPS Aquameter, Aqualogger 2000, 7000 or BlackBox for continuous monitoring applications The AP-LITE has a small body and is designed to integrate the optical sensors available from the Aquaread range. The sensors can easily be removed, making it possible to connect and disconnect multiple sensors to a single AP-Lite probe. 
The Parameters available for the AP-Lite are - 
  • Turbidity
  • Chlorophyll
  • Blue Green Algae (Fresh and Salt Water)
  • Rhodamine
  • Fluorescein
  • Refined Oil
Rugged Connectors and Cable

The Aquaprobe family feature AquaConn fully metal connectors. The AP-LITE features these all-metal AquaConn connectors with their high specification design, specially engineered for a rigid fit with recessed pins for extra protection during pairing and guide markers on each part of the connector to allow you to instantly push the pair together with correct alignment.
The AP-Lite's KevlarCore cable double up as a support cable, so no need for extra support wires. The cable has a Kevlar support line running along it's length that is anchored firmly to the Aquaconn connectors at each end. These cables are designed to withstand extremely harsh conditions.