IGTM Mechanical Gas Turbine Meter 200mm Flow Range 80 - 1600 m3/hr

SKU: IGTM DN200 G1000
IGTM Mechanical Gas Turbine Meter
DN200 G1000
Flow Range 80 - 1600 m3/hr
Lightweight Wafer Design
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    19.2000 kg
  • SKU
    IGTM DN200 G1000
IGTM Mechanical Gas Flow Turbine Meter 200mm
The IGTM-WT is an industrial gas turbine meter suitable for accurate volume and flow measurement.
An 8-digit mechanical counter increments with gas passing through the meter.
A standard low frequency pulser provides pulses per m³ and can be connected to an electronic volume converter (EVC) for pressure and temperature correction.
  • Flow Range 80 - 1600 m3/hr
  • 8 Digit Mechanical Counter
  • Lightweight Anodized Aluminium Body, Wafer Design
  • Accuracy: ± 1.5% for 0.2 Qmax to Qmax
  • ± 3% for Qmin to 0.2 Qmax
  • Repeatability +/- 0.1% or better
  • Suitable for all non Aggressive Gases including Natural Gas and LPG
  • Short straight pipe run required 3DN Upstream and 2DN Downstream,
  • IP65 Protection,
  • Pulse Output Option, 0.1 pulse/m3
With oil pump


  • High Frequency Namur Sensor, 80 pulses/m3, 60Hz ²

2) The applicable values are given on the main plate and in the test certificate of the meter.

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