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Ground Water Matters IAH Ireland Tullamore

We are exhibiting at the 2018 IAH (Irish Group) Ground Water Matters annual conference in Tullamore, Ireland! Bell Flow are extremely pleased to be one of the 15 high-quality industry leaders exhibiting as part of the “Ground Water Matters: Science and Practice” annual conference. This years event is taking place at the Tullamore Court Hotel on 24th-25th April 2018.

Our expert here at Bell Flow on environmental monitoring and ground water monitoring systems is Edward Lang. Ed will be fronting the stand at IAH, demonstrating a range of the ground water monitoring products available from Bell Flow Systems. In addition to showcasing the range of ground water products, Ed will also be offering his expert advice on application.

IAH Ireland – Further Info

Since 1980, the IAH has been held in April of every year, in Tullamore, Ireland. Featuring themed presentations, quality exhibits and technical workshops, designed to benefit ground water professionals.
The IAH Groundwater Conference attracts the interests of a range of hydroscientists, hydrogeologists, environmental scientists, public health officials, local authorities and engineers. In addition to many other professionals with an interest in ground water monitoring.

Further information can be found on the IAH website
We look forward to seeing you!

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