New Hygienic MS1000 Mag Meter

New electromagnetic hygienic flow meter released by Badger Meter and available at Bell Flow Systems. Further extending our ability to provide an ideal solution for many applications.

The new MS1000 is a fully stainless steel, robust electromagnetic flow meter, specially designed to be used in the food industry and meet the highest hygiene requirements. It is available with various process connections and installation lengths for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. It is also resistant to aggressive chemicals used in CIP and SIP processes.

MS1000 Hygienic Mag Meter

MS1000 electromagnetic mag meter

The MS1000 benefits from the attributes of all electromagnetic flow meters with no mechanical moving parts and the meter bore is free of obstruction producing a negligible pressure drop and giving the meter long life with long term high accuracy. The high accuracy makes it a great option for dosing or mixing applications and with digital and analogue outputs the measurements can be transferred to control systems.

The meter also benefits from Modbus RTU RS232 / RS485 communication as standard and with optional Ethernet, Hart or MBus interface making it a flexible option to integrate into existing systems.

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