Hazardous Ultrasonic Level Sensor from APG

Oct 27, 2016

Introducing the Loop Powered Ultrasonic Level Sensor from APG. The LPU-2428 sensor is designed for environmental monitoring, water and wastewater control, and liquid tank measurement applications. They are also suited to other industrial and process control applications that require monitoring or calculation of liquid or solid volume and flow. The sensors are ideal for use in hazardous areas.

LPU-2428 sensors provide a 4-20mA output which is directly proportional to the flow rate, and users can select flow rate units of per second, per minute, per hour, or per day. For volume measurement, the sensors have built-in formulas for most industry-standard tank shapes. LPU-2428 sensors benefit from a rugged PVDF transducer housing and PC/PET chemical resistant sensor housing, and are easy to install using industry standard 2-inch NPT fittings. Key features include its tough, IP65 rated housing, intrinsically safe rating for use in hazardous areas and non-contact measurement.


Operating in temperatures from -40 to 60ºC, the sensor can provide a 0.3 to 7.6m detection range on liquids and a 0.3 to 3.0m range on solids. With a high accuracy of ± 0.25% of the detected range, models benefit from a response time of 0.6 to 3 seconds depending on the output. The LPU-2428 features internal temperature compensation to automatically account for changes in ambient temperature, as well as filtering options to account for other variables such as waves on a liquid or tank irregularities. They are unaffected by the colour/translucency, dielectric constant, specific gravity or viscosity of the target, enabling them to work well in most environmental applications.