Hiring Vs. Buying Flow Meters

Nov 17, 2014

We have extended our range of rental flow meters and instrumentation  to make flow measurement devices more accessible.

Where capital outlay for permanent flow meter installations is hard to justify, the cost of hire may be just a fraction of the purchase price. Hiring also allows a company to try before they buy and the hire cost of the flow meter can usually be credited against the purchase. All hire products are pre-configured, arrive with a calibration certificate and delivered ready to use. There are no ongoing maintenance or calibration costs required with a flow meter that has been hired and there is free technical phone support available.

Our rental flow meter fleet includes an extensive range of flow measurement technologies to meet flow monitoring requirements across various applications.

Having extensive product knowledge and a broad range of metering and instrumentation products available, we can provide an unbeatable flow measurement service to meet short or long-term flow monitoring requirements to those who choose to hire or buy.