New Brochure - Macnaught Flow Meters

Aug 1, 2017
MX series are a range of Positive Displacement Flowmeters specifically designed to withstand the rigours of the typical industrial environments, without compromising overall performance.
Ranging from sizes ¼" – 4", and suitable for flow rates from 0.5 lph to 1200 lpm, the MX SERIES offers a complete range of 316 Stainless Steel and anodised aluminium flowmeters to suit most industrial application.
Key Features and Benefits

Manufactured from billet
Pressure rating up to 2000 psI
Increased accuracy (0.25%)
Excellent repeatability (0.03%)
Low pressure drop
Choice of 6 interchangeable display and pulse output modules
Choice of five flange and threaded process connections
Suitable for high viscosity fluids
2 year warranty
Short lead times
Designed to be easily maintained on-site.

Download the New Macnaught brochure. (PDF 7MB)