Accurate Generator Fuel Consumption Measurement

Feb 8, 2010

Bell Flow Systems has just completed the supply and commissioning of fuel consumption equipment on five 1820kW Generators sets for Thames Water. The instruments used were special Macnaught M6 pulsed output meters with a low flow range coupled with Fluidwell F127 flow computers, for very accurate readings.
The Macnaught M6 meters were the choice of meter for Thames Water as accuracy and reliability were very
important for this application as any downtime is costly.  Class “A” 3 wire PT100 temperature probes are being
used to measure the fuel temperature on the flow and return lines and these have been incorporated into
specially adapted filters which offer protection for the meters.

The Fluidwell F127 flow computers take the pulses from the flow meters and measure the resistance of the
PT100 probes in order to provide an actual volume. The Active 4-20mA output is then being used by the
Caterpillar control panel to give instantaneous flow readings which can then be analysed in order to start to
make cost savings.