Low Flow Application Taken Care of

Jul 19, 2006

Bell Flow Sytems has recently supplied a major international manufacturer of diesel injection pumps with several Micro Flow Meters , capable of measuring down to 1ml /min at 21,000 Psi.

Micro Flow Meter, Low flow measurement meter

The test bench housing the Micro Flow Meters was developed to test and commission banks of diesel injectors operating at high cycle frequencies and varying rates. The TD4 meter has a range of 1 to 250 ml/min. or 0.02 ml/cycle and is suited to viscosities of 1 to 25 Cps. It is manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel and features a calibrated pulse output signal.

Fluidwell F113-P Flow Display & Monitor with Alarm outputs and RS232 comms
Instantaneous flow rates and totals can be seen by the operator on the F113-P Fluidwell displays supplied, whilst on-screen alarm trigger points, and Data logging outputs, highlight the performance of the products under test.