M1000 Mag Flow Meter Application

Jul 3, 2017

Bell Flow Systems were recently approach by a customer who was having a problem with their existing meter installation. The customer had previously installed a geared flow meter for their application but due to the suspended particles in the water, the meter kept jamming and causing the meter to cease. This in turn caused problems further up the line.

The customer’s application was for silty and sandy water from borehole testing. For the majority of the time, the water was clean but occasionally there would be silt and sand in the water, and this was where the issue arose with the existing meter jamming.

For this reason, Bell Flow Systems thought the best option was to quote an accurate meter with no moving parts. A Badger Meter M1000 mag flow meter was best suited as it featured no moving parts and would measure the clean water, and no damage would be caused to the meter by occasional sand or silt in the water.

The M1000 has an accuracy of ±0.5%, is available with hard rubber or PTFE liner, wafer, DIN or ANSI flanged connections, Hastelloy C measuring & empty pipe electrodes as standard, as well as pulse and 4-20mA outputs.

After fitting the M1000 mag meter, the customer reported having no more issues with this application!