New Gespasa ATEX Manual Rotary Pump

Jul 10, 2019

Gespasa have released the new model BRM-88 manual rotary hand pump for the transfer of petrol, solvents and fluids compatible with Viton. This BRM-88 ATEX pump is adaptable for barrels of different sizes between 50-200 Litres and is ideal for non-fiscal operations. It has a 2" BSP Bung adapter for connecting to 205 Litre Drums and a telescopic suction tube which is adjustable in height to suit different barrel sizes.

The pump itself has a tempered aluminium alloy body, with aluminium die-cast handle and the seals are made from Viton. These materials make it a robust solution for pumping; Diesel, Kerosene and Petrol in hazardous areas, with a transfer capacity of 20 litres/min or 70 rotations/min.

The MG-80A (ATEX) mechanical aluminium meter can be attached to the BRM-88 pump for accurate transfer measurements. It is made of aluminium and high quality plastics, with a fireproof measuring chamber, featuring an oscillating disc. The design allows for the transfer of any type of hydrocarbon liquid. It is certified to ATEX IIG. It can measure flows from 10-90 Litres/min at temperatures from -10 ºC to +60 ºC. The MG-80A display can be configured for connection in 8 different positions, so there are no restrictions to the placement or orientation of the flow meter.

The BRM-8880A ATEX combines the MG-80A flow meter and the BRM-88 ATEX pump to give you an ATEX ready, low-cost fuel delivery system.

BRM-88 ATEX rotary hand pump         

For more information please email us at or call on 01280 817304.

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