Non Intrusive Ultrasonic Flow Metering Application at Honda

Nov 20, 2006
Non Intrusive, Ultrasonic Flow Metering at Honda's Swindon Plant, thanks to the PORTAFLOW 300 'Clamp-on' Portable Flowmeter.

Some applications require a cutting edge solution to solve what are apparently basic problems.... Large entrained particles, shear sensitive liquid media and multiple measuring points of different pipe diameters with data logging requirements to boot. These were some of the problems confronting us on this application, but the Portaflow 300 answered them all !

PORTAFLOW 300 'Clamp-on' Portable Flowmeter

The PORTAFLOW 300 is supplied as a complete kit in a sturdy carry-case, with sensors appropriately sized to your range of pipework with all accessories provided. Power is via internal battery or mains adapter and set-up is quick and easy. Programmble location measuring points, simple operator menu's and advanced measurement technology ensure guaranteed satisfaction from this model in a wide variety of applications.

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