SP32 Oil Lifter, On-demand Lift Pump with integrated reservoir

Jan 20, 2022

We are now a direct stockist of SP32 Oil Lifters 

The SP32 Oil lifter draws fuel up from a storage tank down below & retains a small volume of oil in its internal reservoir. The fuel in the reservoir is then gravity fed into the Stove or burners supply line and is automatically replenished as required. Available as low noise/low flow model and high flow model.

SP32-01-10 Heating Oil Lifter with Internal reservoir (Low Flow )10 L/Hour

SP32 Oil lifters / Oil lift pumps satisfy most domestic requirements up to 20L/hr depending on the vertical suction lift. The unit functions by monitoring the oil level and when the level drops to a pre-determined point, the unit tops up the internal reservoir to full level again, and the cycle repeats. An LED panel displays correct operation and alerts to malfunctions.

Features :

  • • 100% safe quiet operation
  • • Digital display of the operating cycle or any operation errors
  • • Filter and check valve included at the pump
  • • Max Lift: 8m
  • • Max Capacity: 20 litre/hr (see models)
  • • Drip Tray with overflow protection included
  • • Dry running motor protection
  • • Pump stops if the tank is empty
  • • Pump stops if pipes are damaged
  • • Pump stops if the ambient temperature is too high


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