Range of open channel flow meters and loggers with telemetry, available in the UK

Nov 29, 2019

Bell Flow Systems are a UK distributor for the Mace range of open channel area velocity flow meters and environmental monitoring equipment.

Mace is a company based in Australia who specialise in the design of environmental monitoring equipment for the wastewater, industrial and agricultural markets. The unique XCI system manufactured by Mace allows the user a large amount of flexibility and ensures that systems can be easily expanded to suit individual site requirements.

Current models offered from the Mace range are : FloPro XCi, Suitable for waste water, storm water and industrial flows. AgriFlo XCi , Suitable for agricultural and waste water flows. Hydro Mace XCi, for Environmental Monitoring and HvFlo XCI, a portable flow meter for logging open channel and waste water.

The FloPro XCi device integrates flow measurement and water quality monitoring sensors for vital mining, municipal and industrial equipment and assets. Whether you need to measure flow as well as conductivity, pH and rainfall, or utilize a downward looking ultrasonic depth sensor to measure pond levels, the FloPro is fully expandable for your needs. FloPro is easily interfaced to SCADA/telemetry systems allowing for remote data access.

Mace FloPro XCI Area Velocity Flow Meter

The HVflo XCI utilises doppler ultrasonic velocity sensors utilizing the MACE Advanced Signal Processing (MASP) technology. This technology allows the sensor to “see” across the entire stream profile, providing a  true average velocity. MASP technology allows HVFlo XCi to achieve superior results from a very wide range of flow conditions. The technologyensures that even during full pipe, surcharge, or reverse flow conditions, HVFlo XCi will provide accurate, repeatable results every time. The HVFlo XCi also offer the option to add a WebComm card to give remote access to your data via GSM/3G cell networks. WebComm can also be configured to provide alarms to an unlimited number of personnel within an organisation.

Mace HVflo XCI Portable Area Velocity Flow Meter

The HydroMace XCi can be used to monitor just about any environmental sensor. Use the versatility of HydroMace XCi to monitor inputs as diverse as: Flumes & weirs, water quality sensors & rainfall gauges, drinking water flows (leak detection) and weather stations. The HydroMace XCi is built to withstand the harshest of environments. Furthermore, with the license-free point ‘n’ click FloCom+ configuration software, no proprietary coding knowledge is required to get the HydroMace XCi going in rapid time.

Mace HydroMace XCI

How do the XCi card inputs work?

Each model comes supplied with available slots for up to 5 additional inputs card. Each slot can house a single card, which can serve different purposes depending on the user’s requirements. The different cards available include –

  • Doppler Card – For Doppler ultrasonic sensor
  •  I/O Card – offers inputs and outputs for 4-20ma, digital and voltage signals
  •  Pulse I/O Card – provides power (+5 and 12vdc) and a single pulsing flow sensor
  •  SDI-12 Master Card – Accepts SDI-12 sensors for logging
  •  FloSi Card – provides an SDI-12 or Modbus output interface
  •  WebComm Card – Provides the ability for data collection and remote configuration


This allows you to utilise the multiple cards to meet your needs. For example if you are looking to economically measure three open channel flow applications on a single site you can select three Doppler Cards, and purchase three sensors. All the data will then be collected by the device. If you then wanted to integrate this into a local SCADA system you can select the I/O card to provide 4-20ma or pulse outputs.

The webComm card is a GSM / 3G Modem which allows the user to store and access data remotely in the cloud with access via an online web portal. The data is pushed from the XCi device and is collected on the Mace data server where the user can retrieve their flow data. This data service is offered free of charge with all WebComm cards. A SIM card can be provided or you can fit your own.