BFU Heat Meters for THERMOSS Project

Bell Flow Systems have recently been working closely with a large global specialist in energy management and automation, to supply non-invasive energy monitoring systems to multiple sites across the EU. The units will be supplying data to be used in the EU commissioned THERMOSS project for energy efficient buildings, under its HORIZON 2020 programme. The project will last for 42 months, and will involve the collaboration of 12 partners from the EU and Switzerland.

The aim of the THERMOSS project is to contribute to the wider deployment of advanced heating and cooling technologies in buildings throughout the EU. This project includes addressing 30% energy consumption reduction in buildings and 20% in districts.

The development process consists of five steps: technology database creation, technology packages refinement, technology package sizing toolbox, thermal energy flow algorithm, integration and validation. The study will be implemented across several key sites in the UK, Finland, France, Switzerland and Spain, as to draw results from various climates and validate the results.

As per the requirements of the heat energy monitoring study, the metering system needs to be reliable and highly accurate, whilst being as non-invasive as possible as not to compromise the existing systems on site.

BFU-100-M Ultrasonic Meter

Bell Flow Systems successfully supplied 14 of the BFU-100-M units with clamp on temperature sensors, to UK and Finnish sites. The BFU-100-M uses an ultrasonic signal from external, clamp on sensors, to calculate flow rate without needing to alter or cut into any pipework. The sensors simply clamp on to the outside of the pipe.

The ultrasonic sensors, and temperature sensors, feed back into the energy calculator which provides the user with accurate and reliable energy usage information. This data can then be fed back to a PLC or building management system to for monitoring and usage analysis via a pulse, 4-20mA, or Modbus communication output.

New Hygienic MS1000 Mag Meter

New Electromagnetic hygienic flow meter released by Badger Meter and available at Bell Flow Systems further extend our ability to provide an ideal solution for many applications.

The new MS1000 is a fully stainless steel, robust electromagnetic flow meter, specially designed to be used in the food industry and meet the highest requirements. It is available with various process connections and installation lengths for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. It is also resistant to aggressive chemicals used in CIP and SIP processes.

MS1000 Mag Meter

MS1000 electromagnetic mag meter

The MS1000 benefits from the attributes of all electromagnetic flow meters with no mechanical moving parts and the meter bore is free of obstruction producing a negligible pressure drop and giving the meter long life with long term high accuracy. The high accuracy makes it a great option for dosing or mixing applications and with digital and analogue outputs the measurements can be transferred to control systems.

The meter also benefits from Modbus RTU RS232 / RS485 communication as standard and with optional Ethernet, Hart or MBus interface making it a flexible option to integrate into existing systems.

BLFT Turbine Installed in Sir Bob Geldof’s Winery

Bell Flow Systems has recently supplied a Stainless Steel Turbine Meter to Awash Winery in Ethiopia. Not only is this winery the largest in the country, but it is also part owned by UK equity firm chaired by Sir Bob Geldof.

Awash currently bottles seven million litres of wine annually. It plans to boost production under 12 brands, including the well-known Axumite, Awash and Gouder names.

BLFT Turbine Application

Gouder is a national brand Geldof first tasted in 1984, when he got back from areas of drought in the north that had taken the world by shock. The 1984-85 Ethiopian famine had prompted many such as Geldof to galvanize the international community for help. He is known to be a force behind a LiveAid concert, a phenomenal event that was the first to get broadcast live across the world for the first time, and as a result raised over 100 million dollars for charity

Geldof says he decided in 2013 to get involved in the winery hoping to see the factory expand and improve in order to provide additional employment. The transfer in technology and skills, he said, expedites development and ends dependency in Ethiopia.

The Turbine meter is the second unit to be installed in the production process as the original meter, supplied through a third party has proved to be accurate and reliable. The BLFT turbine meter features a high +/-1% accuracy and is constructed from stainless steel ensuring it ideal for the measurement of low to medium viscosity liquids. As standard meters include a long battery lifetime of 4 years and a choice of 4-20mA signal, pulse outputs and programmable alarms.

EM21 Series Three Phase Energy Meters

Carlo Gavazzi EM21 Series are general purpose three phase energy meters, suitable for both active and reactive energy metering for cost allocation, as well as for main electrical parameter measurement and retransmission. These meters are CE approved and also meet approval of Class B according to EN50470-3 (class 1 of EN62053-21) and Class 2 according to EN62053-23.

EM21 series meters are compact and extremely simple to install, due to their application-oriented programming procedure, downloadable setup software and  wrong phase-sequence warning. Meters benefit from a flexible installation, featuring a multi-use housing, for both DIN-rail and panel mounting applications.

energy meters

Technical features include a high accuracy reading of ±0.5% and a robust IP50 protection rated housing. The innovative design contains a detachable LCD unit which displays a full set of instrumentation values (Voltage, Current etc).

As standard these meters are provided with a pulse output for active energy transmission and optionally, a two-wire RS485 communication port is also available. For more information on the EM21 energy meter, contact Bell Flow Systems on 0800 027 7786 or

VZO Oil Meter Range from Aquametro

Contoil oil flow meters from Aquametro are designed for domestic and commercial oil and fuel measurement applications. VZO oil meter range enables the user to accurately measure oil consumption, for usage, billing and cost allocation purposes.

The meters in the VZO collection utilise the oscillating piston principle, using true positive displacement design to accurately measure every drop. The design features a low pressure drop across the meter body. This ensures reliable readings even on gravity fed and low flow applications.

Models feature either a multi-functional digital LCD displaying the flow rate and total volume or a mechanical totaliser with counter. Aquametro – VZO oil meters provide flexible installation with mounting in horizontal, vertical or inclined positions.

VZO group mix

Available in sizes 10mm to 55mm and with flow ranges from 0.5 to 30,000 litres per hour, there is a VZO meter to suit the majority of oil flow requirements. Options exist for pulse and 4-20mA output with a range of different flange styles available including DIN, JIS and ANSI. Please contact us for more information on the products in the range 0800 027 7786 or visit

Vortex Flow Meters – Hot Tap & Compact Models

The new VN2000 vortex flow meters from Badger Meter are available from Bell Flow Systems and offer an ideal solution for a range of applications for measuring volumetric or mass flow of liquids, gases and steam. As a robust and reliable meter and with a large turn-down ratio these meters are an ideal solution for a range of applications.

The vortex meter technology lends itself well to harsh environments due to the lack of mechanical parts and solid construction. The VN2000 model is no exception and with its solid stainless steel construction and non-wetted sensors it takes this further offering a heavy-duty option with an exceptionally long life span, maintaining accuracy for many years and reducing maintenance costs over time in comparison to other metering technologies.

The VN2000 meters have the option of an integrated RTD temperature sensor, which is used for mass flow calculations and can also have a second external RTD connected to calculate energy transfer across a heat exchanger. The benefit of a high 204°C process temperature rating and a large flow range lends the meter to more applications especially where flow rates may span from low to high.

Two models are available in the range; a compact and a Hot Tap insertion model.  As an insertion meter, flow in large pipes can be measured and the Hot Tap model can be used to measure pipes from 2 to 24” (50 to 1200mm). This hot-tap model also allows installation during high pressure applications without a system shut down, reducing costs and inconvenience involved when the meter needs to be removed and reinstalled.


When installing electronic flow meters there is always the possibility of incorrect wiring, having to open up the meter to fit wires into hard to reach terminal blocks can create errors and can also be time consuming. The VN2000 models are provided with a Power Plug, which eliminates wiring errors in the field. The plug connects to the enclosure meaning all wiring is done externally allowing for quick and easy connections. This includes wiring for the analogue output, Modbus and external RTD when used for energy calculations.

GK7 Fuel Management System from Gespasa

Bell Flow Systems offers a fuel management system that can be retrofitted to existing fuel dispensing systems or can come as a complete integrated solution with transfer pumps and dispensing equipment. These also offer management software to download and analyse the data and alternatively a model with built in GPRS modem and antenna to send the data remotely and view anywhere with internet access.

The Gespasa GK-7 management system offers a great retrofit solution for monitoring fuel dispensing. With options for a metallic cabinet, IP65 box or in a free-standing Totem the GK7 can be fitted in many different locations to suit the needs of the user. It allows access only to registered users via a Pin code and / or key fob and can limit the volume of fuel dispensed to each user and records how much each user has taken.

GK7 fuel management system

The software and communication kits allows the manager to analyse all the dispenses and to see how much each user has taken. There is also the option to identify by each vehicle and this then gives details of fuel consumption when mileage details have been entered. The GK-7Plus model has an integrated GPRS modem and automatically transits the data of each service to be then viewed online, ideal for when managing multiple sites or when access to the GK-7 is not possible.

The GK-& and GK-7Plus is available in integrated fuel dispensing kits, which include fuel transfer pump, delivery hose, nozzle and nozzle holder with micro switch to switch on and off the pump automatically. Available in enclosures to be mounted on a wall or pedestal or in free standing Totems these kits offer a fully integrated fuel management system to control and monitor fuel transfer. For more information on the Gespasa GK-7 fuel management systems, please visit our dedicated Gespasa website or contact us on 0800 027 7786.

AP2000 Sensor Application for Imperial University

A world renowned public research university, located in central London, recently approached Bell Flow Systems with a requirement for a multiparameter water quality testing sensor probe, to aid ongoing research into the environmental sector.

It was important for the research that the probe was able to measure dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, and ammonium, at multiple measuring points. Ideally being able to record the data internally throughout a whole day’s worth of field testing.

For this application, Bell Flow Systems provided the IP68 rated AP-2000 Advanced Multi-parameter water quality probe, with an optical ammonium sensor. The AP-2000 is the smaller of the Aquaread range of advanced portable multiparameter water monitoring probes. A range of sensors included as standard, however it also allows you to add even more sensors to the probe for full customisation.

AP-2000 With Without Sleeve Electrode View

Additionally the probe was supplied with a GPS Aquameter which enables live readings, automatic data recording and probe calibration.

The sensor probes in the Aquaread range are constructed from tough marine grade aluminium, making it suitable for use in both fresh and salt waters. For more information on the Aquaread range contact us on or 0800 027 7786.

Tuthill Introduces ATEX In-line Digital Turbine Meter

Tuthill is pleased to announce a game-changer in the in-line meter market. Tuthill has introduced an all new, 100% made in the USA, in-line digital meter that has +/- 1% accuracy, global certifications and simple, preset calibrations making it the clear winner in the most sought after customer wants for this meter category.

These new digital meters have many advantages over competing brands. First, they are accurate to +/- 1%, whereas many other brands are only accurate to +/- 5%. Second, they come out of the box with 18 factory calibration presets making it fast and easy to setup for first use. Plus, it measures in gallons, litres, quarts, pints and ounces. It also has global certifications including UL for US and Canada, ATEX, IECEx and CE. These certifications are on the entire meter, not just the electronics.

The meter is designed for use in-line or at the end of the hose so users can easily install it where it is most convenient. It has simple, four button operation and a rubber boot to help protect it from impact should you accidently drop it. Plus, it has replaceable AA batteries. There is no need to order expensive, special batteries from the manufacturer.

The all new in-line digital meter is available in three models to handle a wide variety of fluids and in both 1” NPT and BSPP threads. The Aluminium model (TT10AN) is designed for gasoline, diesel and other fuels. The nickel plated model (TT10ANC) is for bio-diesel to B100 and ethanol blends to E85. The polymer model (TT10PN) is for diesel exhaust fluid, anti-freeze and other chemicals. For more information, visit or contact the sales team on 01280 817304.

Low-cost Itron CF-Echo Heat Energy Meter

The Itron CF Echo II is an ultrasonic compact heat energy meter with on-board electronic signal processing to provide high levels of precision. These Heat flow meters are UK RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) compliant and European MID approved to class 2 standards. This enables them to be used in both domestic and non-domestic RHI heating and cooling measurement applications.

All pertinent measuring data is presented on a multi-functional LCD display. The display enables easy reading, providing fast and clear data access. These meters provide a range of features such as advanced data-logging, 12 year battery lifetime, IP67 Ingress protection and simple installation.

As standard, these heat meters are supplied with a pulse output and M-BUS communications with optional GPRS facilities. Available in sizes DN15 to DN50, these models can be installed either vertically or horizontally depending on the application type. Flows can be measured from qp 0.6 to qp 15m3/h dependent on model size with reliable and stable accuracy through-out.

Also available in the Itron heat meter range is the budget model, CF-UltraMaXX V, a compact thermal energy meter. The CF-UltraMaxx meter is suitable for measurement of relevant billing data in combined heating and cooling applications. For more information on Itron heat meters, please visit or email us at